Eng. Mostafa Abdel-WahedNTRA, Acting Executive President (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Abd El Rahman El SawyScientific Societies, Consultants and University Professors (Committee Vice Chairman)
Eng. Aly Hassan AnisCommittee Rapporteur
Eng. Sayed El-GharabawyTelecom Egypt, First Deputy Chief Executive for International Affairs & Operators
Ms. Rana AbadyMobinil
Eng. Khaled HegazyVodafone
Eng. Mohamed WalaaEtisalat
Eng. Waseem ArsanyLinkegypt
Eng. Ahmed OsamaTelecom Egypt, CEO
Eng. Hossam MujahedMiddle East Telecommunications
Eng. Ahmed ImamRaya
Eng. Ismail MashhourSystel
Eng. Aly Shawqy MinesySystems Engineering Of Egypt (SEE)
Eng. Muhamed El-MahdySiemens
Eng. Tarek MalashMultinational Companies - ADCOM
Eng. Sherif NazifMultinational Companies - CISCO
Eng. Khaled IbrahimManufacturers
Eng. Aly El-Din HassanSubmarine Cables
Eng. Ahmed El-SobkyTelecom Security - ITIDA
Eng. Adel Abdel-MoneimTelecom Security - Expert
Prof. Dr. Hossam LotfyLegal Sector - Expert
Dr. Muhammad NafeaProfessors & Consultants
Prof. Dr. Hadya El HenawyProfessors & Consultants
Eng. Rafaat Abdel-Aziz HindyMinistry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) -Head of Telecommunications & Infrastructure Sector
Dr. Muhamed El-GhamryNGOs - The Chamber's Communications Division