Environmental Specifications and Conditions for Mobile Phone Micro cells Stations


  1. Upon installing micro cells (stations approved by  NTRA), the distance between them and human beings would not be less than 0.5 meter.
  2. It is permissible to install mobile phone micro cell antennas of the type installed outside buildings, on facades, walls, billboards, street lighting columns, any towers or separate columns at a height not less than 2.5 meters, measured from ground level by (or without)using pylons.
  3. It is permissible to install micro cell stations of the type installed inside the buildings on the ceilings, hall or corridor walls at a height of no less than 2.5 meters measured from ground level.
  4. In case of installing micro cell stations in places or buildings that contain control and monitoring devices, it must be ensured that those stations would not affect the performance level of the devices, by coordinating with mobile network operators and the entity controlling the site.
  5. It is permissible to install linking devices approved by NTRA on walls, ceilings or the antenna pylons with no maximum limit for the number of devices on the same pylon.  In case this is not applicable, it is permissible to install the linking devices on separate pylons with no minimum limit of the height thereof.
  6. It is not permissible to install mobile phone Micro-cell antennas inside buildings that are completely utilized as hospitals, playgrounds or school buildings. 
  7. The network operators should consider artistic and aesthetical aspects while installing the stations on buildings facades in streets, inside shops, hotels etc.
  8. The used antenna should be approved by NTRA, should be a low-gain antenna and it should not exceed 7.5 db.
  9. On installing stations, the network operators should comply with the international technical standards and should verify safety and security of electric connections, as they undertake full responsibility thereof.

Administrative authorities in the governorates, which issue licenses for the stations rollout, should abide by the conditions stated in this protocol as clarified in the first clause before issuing licenses. Moreover, they should follow the environmental assessment procedures according to the relevant instructions.


After the installation and operation of each station, the mobile operators should measure the electromagnetic density emitted from the station by using approved measurement equipment and should prepare an approved technical report containing the results of these measurement. A copy of such report must be submitted to the three entities that issued this protocol.
In coordination with the National Institute, NTRA should verify the accuracy and validity of the reports and revert to the companies if necessary.


This micro-cell stations protocol is in effect starting from 15-11-2001.