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A Remarkable Presence for the Egyptian Delegation at WTSA Meeting

The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly, organized by the ITU, concluded its meetings on the 30th October in South Africa. A high-level delegation from Egypt, led by Dr. Amr Badawi the Executive President of the NTRA,  took part in the meetings.

The delegation played a great role in coordinating viewpoints and in persuading the different stakeholders to adopt a draft recommendation submitted by the Arab and African countries on means of benefiting from the telecommunication networks of the developed countries, by adding new users to the International Gateway.

The draft recommendation gives the right to the network operators in the Arab and African countries to add an accounting code in return for this service, which will again benefit the developing countries.

Egypt, as a coordinator in the Arab group and a member in the African member, managed to build a unified stance and to encourage the ITU Secretary General and the president of the conference to adopt the recommendation.
The meeting addressed several important topics and issued a series of resolutions, chief among which are:

Standardization Divide

The meetings supported the participation of the developing countries in all international standardization activities related to the telecommunication networks and services, so that these standards reflect the priorities of all countries and economies in a balanced way and help at the end bridge the standardization divide.

WSIS outcome

The meetings unanimously approved a resolution on the ITU measures needed to complete the implementation of the WSIS outcome, in cooperation with other Governmental and non-Governmental organizations. The resolution was coordinated with a number of members and representatives of regional organizations.

Several important resolutions were issued related to the calculation of the international calls, the allocation of resources such as numbers,  networks security and SPAM, CERT establishment and the role of ICT in confronting climate changes.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that Dr. Sherif Gunena, the Egyptian expert and the president of the SG2-RG-ARB was re-elected as a vice president for the standardization Study Group 2

World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-2008),20-30 October, South Africa