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ARICEA Fifth Meeting

Egypt hosted the fifth meeting of the Association of Regulators of Information and Communication for Eastern and Southern Africa (ARICEA) in the period from 24 to 28 February. The invitation was extended to all member states of the ARICEA and all concerned parties related to the ICT industry in Africa. 

The ARICEA was established mainly with the purpose of exchanging ideas, viewpoints and expertise of ICT between members with the aim of supporting the regulatory frameworks and dissemination of modern technologies.
 The ARICEA was founded in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia in 2003 as one of the COMESA programs established to support the ICT technologies. The organization is supported by a number of organizations, chief among which are the USAID, the DFID, UPU and SIDA.

The meeting addressed some major issues on the African and international arenas such as ICT indicators in Southern and Eastern Africa and the regulatory frameworks of the member states and the evaluation of ICT potential in Africa.

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