NTRA Events
ARICEA Frequency Management and Monitoring Workshop

The NTRA hosted a workshop on Frequency Management and Monitoring for the ARICEA members in Cairo in the period from 22 to 24 May 2007.

The ARICEA was established in January 2003 during a meeting for the members in Addis Ababa and Egypt was one of the founding states and it hosted the first General Assembly for the ARICEA in July 2003.

Egypt currently occupies the position of the ARICEA Vice Chairman for the year 2007 and will occupy the position of a Chairman in January 2008.

Egypt’s position within framework of the ARICEA is of high significance thanks to the attention that Egypt devotes to the African cooperation in general and to the regulatory cooperation through the ARICEA in specific.
The ARICEA was initially founded with the perspective to bridge the gap between regulatory policies of the member states with the aim of enhancing cooperation between them. Egypt made use of this cooperation to open African markets before Egyptian companies.