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Advisory Group on IGF Meets in Geneva

The Advisory Group on IGF will meet in Geneva in the period from 26 to 28 February to discuss the outcomes of the Brazil forum and the proposals of the different stakeholders (governments- private sector- civil society- technical experts-politicians). Chief among the issues that will be addressed are:
- Role of host country before and during the event
- Role of the Advisory group
- Means of enhancing transparency
- Methods of choosing advisory group members
- Organization of the forum and management of sessions
- Selection of speakers
- Remote participation via internet
It is worth mentioning in this regard that the IGF was established so as to develop a working definition for Internet Governance, identify the public policy issues that are relevant to Internet governance and to develop a common understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities of Governments, existing international organizations and other forums, as well as the private sector and civil society in both developing and developed countries.
The first IGF meeting was held in Athens in October 2006 whereas the second meeting was held in Brazil in November 2007.
Egypt is actively participating in the IGF meetings as it fully realizes the importance and sensitivity of the issues handled by the forum. Egypt usually seeks to coordinate viewpoints with the friend countries so as to enhance values of constructive dialogue and common understanding.

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