NTRA Events

The Cairo ICT 10th exhibition was held at the Cairo International Conference Center from 5 to 8 February 2006. Concerned parties and stakeholders of the ICT sectors worldwide met to review and discuss significant issues, such as 3G technology, services convergence and VoIP technology.

The timing of this grand event has been highly significant for the Egyptian ICT sector in the light of ongoing telecommunication liberalization in Egypt. The Cairo ICT exhibition is an opportunity for all parties interested in development to gather and discuss relevant issues. The exhibition enabled the attendants, not only to review the relevant issues but also to discuss various matters related to development.  The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) participated by taking part in four hearing sessions held in the NTRA booth. These were:

o Telecommunications Consumers’ Rights Protection in Egypt
o Mobile stations roll-out protocols,
o  3 G dimensions in the 3rd Mobile network,
o WiMAX technology and other relevant technologies,

Dr Bahnasy Nosaer, the Director of Networks Division in the National Telecommunications Institute, Mr. Ahmad Mostafa, a researcher in the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, Eng Alaa El Din Hussein, a representative of Mobinil company, and Eng Hamdy El Laythy, a representative of Vodafone Egypt took part in the hearing session on mobile stations roll-out protocols in the NTRA booth.

Participants of these hearing sessions made it clear that no mobile operator is licensed to install any mobile station without prior obtaining of conformity certificate proving conformity to rollout protocols, which are published on the NTRA website www.ntra.gov.eg 
They addressed as well thermal and biological effects of mobiles, clarifying that mobiles have thermal effect on user represented in an increase in human temperature by 1°C yet no linkage has been yet proven between brain cancer and mobiles.

Another hearing session was held on telecommunications consumers’ rights protection in Egypt. It was attended by the members of the Consumers’ Rights Protection Committee (CRPC): Eng Ali Anis, representing the NTRA, and the great columnist Salah Montasir and Samir Hamza, the lawyer.

Mr. Salah Montasir and Mr. Samir Hamza reviewed the main rights and duties of the telecommunications users. Moreover, Eng. Ali Anis made it clear that NTRA has been trying hard to protect consumers’ rights and solve all problems related to ICT sector. In this respect, specialized subcommittees were formed such as, the ‘Quality of Service Committee’, ‘Pricing Committee’ and ‘Privacy and Secrecy Committee. They also mentioned the vital role assumed by NTRA call center in receiving complaints of telecommunication user through the 155 hotline.