Quality of Service and Consumer Protection are two common topics that appear on the top of the list of priorities in the ICT sectors worldwide. Moreover these two issues have become the focus of concern not only for the ICT institutions but also for all employees and concerned individuals working in this field, thanks to the vital importance of both issues.

To meet this concern, the ITU-D represented in the BDT (Telecommunication Development Bureau) is organizing a Global Seminar on Quality of Service and Consumer Protection in Geneva Switzerland. The mandate of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) is to achieve its objectives based on the right to communicate of all inhabitants of the planet through access to infrastructure and information and communication services. The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) is the executive arm of the Telecommunication Development Sector. Its duties and responsibilities cover a variety of functions ranging from program supervision and technical advice to the collection, processing and publication of information relevant to telecommunication development (ITU).

The 2-day seminar will focus on Quality of Service and Consumer Protection that are key components for ICTs, especially in the light of the initiation of IP networks and the NGN. Chief among other issues that will be discussed in this event are the effective measures of monitoring and enforcing QoS; public awareness of QoS; role of regulators with regards to consumer protection; dispute resolution and enforcement measures.

The NTRA being a vital player in all these areas on the local, regional and international arenas, will take part in the event. NTRA representatives will present the study prepared by the NTRA on “Mobile Roaming Challenges in the Arab World”. ITU added the EGYPTIAN Presentation to the ITU regulatory tool kit which shows there great interest in the presentation and the study.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that the NTRA is one of the pioneer organizations that established a committee for consumer’s rights protection with a mandate to publicize, protect and monitor rights and duties of telecom consumers.