ICANN Meeting- New Delhi- February 2009

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) held a meeting in New Delhi in the period from 9 to 15 February 2009.
ICANN meetings constitute an excellent platform for discussions taking place between different stakeholders from the private sector, governments, NGOs and civil society organizations.
The participation of Egypt and the NTRA in these meetings is of high importance in order to open new channels for dialogue and to mobilize the international community in the light of Egypt’s preparation to the coming two IGF meetings: India 2008 and Egypt 2009. 
This meeting is also highly significant as Egypt is starting an awareness campaign for all national stakeholders on the importance of the Internet issues and the importance of participation in the IGF meeting scheduled to take place in Egypt, in an attempt to set the broad outlines for the meeting and make these stakeholders aware of the proceedings.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure that every address is unique and that all users of the Internet can find all valid addresses. It does this by overseeing the distribution of unique IP addresses and domain names. It also ensures that each domain name maps to the correct IP address.
ICANN is also responsible for accrediting the domain name registrars. 'Accredit' means to identify and set minimum standards for the performance of registration functions, to recognize persons or entities meeting those standards, and to enter into an accreditation agreement that sets forth the rules and procedures applicable to the provision of Registrar Services, including:

  •  Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation,
  • protocol identifier assignment,
  • generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domain name system management, and
  • root server system management functions.

These services were originally performed under U.S. Government contract by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and other entities. ICANN now performs the IANA function.
As a private-public partnership, ICANN is dedicated to preserving the operational stability of the Internet, to promoting competition; to achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and to developing policy appropriate to its mission through bottom up, consensus-based processes.
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