NTRA Events
IEEE 802.16 Standard Meeting

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University hosts the meeting of the IEEE 802.16 working group taking place in Cairo from 4th to 7th of May 2009.

The 802.16 working group is in charge of setting the standards of the WiMAX technology. The group members are representatives of international companies, research centers, and governmental organizations from around the world studying and laying out the proper formulation of technical specifications governing the real technology implementation and operation.

Egypt's hosting of this event has a great impact in terms of  the transfer of global expertise as well as  networking between the local telecommunications community,  from one hand, and international authorities, research centers and companies, from another.

Such an array and orchestration of events help the Egyptian telecommunications society in turn benefit from vast experiences, recent advanced technologies and modern studies in order to reach solutions and applications that are commensurate with the nature and needs of the local market.

Egypt’s hosting of this meeting is one manifestation of the policy of transparency and openness adopted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology opening the door to identify and study the recent trends and developments in modern technologies without a bias towards one over another.

It is worth mentioning that hosting this event is one of the many outcomes of research and development efforts represented in the collaboration agreement between both the NTRA and the College of Engineering - Cairo University.