NTRA Events
Important ITU Meetings, September 2008

A high-level NTRA delegation headed to Geneva to participate in a series of meeting for the different ITU Working Groups, which were established as per the plenipotentiary resolutions in Antalya 2006. These working groups include:

  • The WSIS Affairs working group
  • The Cyber Security working group
  • The Constitution Definition working group
  • The WSIS stakeholders working group

These meetings shed light on several influential and crucial ICT issues, with the aim of boosting cooperation and partnership between different stakeholders to develop and promote ICT potential worldwide.
Geneva was also witnessing other crucial IGF meetings. The Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group- MAG held its last meeting before the Hyder-Abad December IGF. Participants in the Geneva meeting examined the Hyder-Abad agenda, select speakers, workshops and open symposia that will take place during the IGF. They will also overview the different stakeholders' views (governments- private sector- civil society in addition to political and technical experts).
Egypt's participation reflects its incessant attention to the IGF affairs on the regional and international levels; such attention that is crystallized in hosting the fourth IGF in Cairo 2009.

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