NTRA Events
Meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh

 ARNET’s 3rd General Meeting
Sharm El-Sheikh-Egypt
(2-3 March 2005)

Egypt hosted the 3rd general meeting for ARNET in Sharm El-sheikh, from 2-3 March 2005, which was attended by 11 representatives of Arab Information and Communications Technology regulators.

The participants gave their thanks and gratitude to Mr. Hamdun Turee, ITU-D Sector manager for the enormous support ITU and the regional Bureau showed ARNET.

The outcomes of the meeting can be summarized as follows:
1. Action plans for every strategic project were agreed upon as the coordinators, organizers, project managers and working groups should abide by the deadlines stated in the action plans.  
The practical program strategic plan consists of 4 aspects:
• Effectuating institutionalization and preparing the basis of ARNET (4 projects).
• Preparing the general framework of the sector’s policies and systems
      (6 projects).
• Preparing & Formulating the measures and technical standards of Information and Telecommunication equipment, and the technical description of the quality of the services provided (4 projects).
• Setting programs for capacity building and developing human resources in addition to exchanging expertise and experts (5 projects).

2. Mechanisms of the contribution of member states in funding the financial resources of ARNET were discussed, and the presidency was mandated to present a detailed action plan for each of ARNET’s objectives including timetables and expected costs of every project, and a proposal of funding mechanisms.
3. Creating a website for ARNET was discussed, as it would be launched in April 2005 and managed by Algeria. All information and data related to ICT sector would be published on the website after completing the amendments of the database.
4. Mechanisms for preparing ARNET’s annual report were agreed upon.
5. Two working groups were formed. Jordan held the presidency of the first WG which aimed to specify the topics to be discussed in the GSR 2005 meeting, and prepare for it. Moreover, Egypt held the presidency of the second WG which dealt with WSIS
6. It was agreed upon the request of registering ARNET as a member of ITU.
7. It was also agreed that the Arab working group would accept the private sector will be accepted as an observant member of ARNET, and consequently ARNET would be an observant member of the Arab working group.
8. Participants agreed to hold a workshop to evaluate the achievements of the strategy prior to the ordinary meeting of ARNET in 2006.