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NTRA hosts the 9th meeting for the Arab Spectrum Management Group ASMG

In an earnest attempt to consolidate joint Arab work and implement the recommendations of the ASMG’s eighth meeting, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) organized the ASMG’s ninth meeting in Conrad Cairo Hotel in the period from 13 to 18 January 2007.

The Arab Spectrum Management Group was formed as per the resolution adopted by the extraordinary meeting of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers in February 2001. The ASMG’s tasks were outlined in a report submitted to the Executive Council of ATICM.

o ASMG’S tasks and duties are as follows:

1- Exchanging expertise between the Arab countries with regard to:

 Frequency allocations and the approval procedures of the national plan of frequency in addition to the means of allocating frequencies on the national level as well.

 Technical means of monitoring frequency spectrum.

 Solving issues related to wireless interference as per ITU Radio Regulations.

 Circulate the studies related to the frequency spectrum usage.

2- Encouraging the usage of modern techniques of registration and awareness with regards to frequency spectrum and approval of relevant computer programs.

3- Exchanging the approved specifications and documents of Type Approval of the equipment that use various types of frequency spectrum and exerting all efforts to unify the specifications and documents of Type Approval, as much as possible.

4- Exerting all efforts to unify the national legislations regulating the usages of wireless telecommunications equipment and appliances on the Arab level.

5- Concerting Arab efforts with regards to the preparation of the Conferences that tackle frequency spectrum issues, especially the international and regional Radio Conferences with the aim of presenting joint suggestions and unifying the situations in order to defend the Arab rights in these Conferences.
6- Concerting Arab efforts with regards to participation in the Study Groups of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) especially the Radio-communications sector and the proceedings of the Radio Advisory Group–RAG and Special Committee on Regulatory/Procedural Matters and follow up the activities of Radio Regulations Board-RRB.

7- Coordinating efforts with the other related regional groups (Organization of Islamic Conferences-African Group- European Community- Asian Community- American Community-Commonwealth of Independent States) and taking part effectively in the Coordinating Meetings related to the other groups as an observant.

 Any of the member Arab countries can submit  suggestions   regarding the activities of ASMG as a whole through these meetings in order to bring the Arab viewpoints closer and adopt joint stances.

Meeting Docs Final Report UAE proposal to CPM AI 1.7