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NTRA in September ITU Activities

The ITU was established as an international organization within which governments and the private sector could work together to coordinate the operation of telecommunications, networks and services and advance the development of communications technology. It is the place responsible for setting Telecom regulations worldwide.
The NTRA is keen on participating in the ITU activities, thanks to the importance of the organization and hence of the events taking place on ITU premises. September is full fledged with ITU events, in which NTRA will actively participate, within context of NTRA attempt to expand its international outreach.
The ITU works through its three main sectors: ITU- D/ ITU- T/ ITU-R. The mandate of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) is to achieve its objectives based on the right to communicate of all inhabitants of the planet through access to infrastructure and information and communication services.
In the period from 31August to 1 September, ITU-D is holding a meeting on Mechanisms for Cooperation on Cyber Security and Combating Spam, Geneva, Switzerland.
The meeting was the outcome of the initiative from Egypt and the Arab States in the last World Telecommunications Development Conference- WTDC, Doha, 2006 (Resolution 45, Doha 2006). The event will be audio webcasted live in six languages .


The ITU-D is allocating two study groups for studying some of the major Telecom issues, primarily Universal Service and New Generation Networks.  The first study group will take place in the period from 4 to 6 September 2006 under the title of Telecommunication Development Strategies and Policies and the other on Development and Management of Telecommunication Services and Networks and ICT Applications from 7 to 9 September 2006.

Participation in these study groups are of major importance to the NTRA thanks to the wide spectrum of issues that will be discussed in both studies groups including: development of e- services, implementation aspects of IMT-2000, information sharing on systems beyond IMT-2000 for developing countries, examination of access technologies for broadband telecommunications and participation of developing countries in spectrum management.
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Within context of preparation to the Plenipotentiary conference, which will be held in Antalya, November 2006, the ITU is also inviting the Council Working Group on the World Summit on the Information Society (WG-WSIS) to hold its tenth meeting in the period from 12-13 September to continue to analyze the outcomes of WSIS and their implications for ITU’s role in WSIS implementation and follow-up.
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The NTRA will also attend another working group on the Elaboration of the Draft Strategic Plan and the Draft Financial Plan, 2008-2011 in the period between 14-15 September. The Plan is to be considered by Council 2006 and presented by the council to PP-06. The Working Group will identify, with the assistance of the Secretary-General and the Directors of the Bureaux, sources of information to be used in the development of the draft Plans and develop a uniform structure and format for the draft Strategic Plan and the draft Financial Plan, and include options for achieving a balance between income and expenditure in the draft Financial Plan (to be ratified in Antalya)
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