The Fourth NTRA Annual Conference

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority is paying due attention to the development of the Internet and to enhancing its access within the Egyptian Community.

Based on this, the NTRA is organizing its annual conference this year under the title of 'Regulation for Development'. The conference will be held on 21 – 22  April 2010 in Sharm el Sheikh)

The first NTRA conference, which was held in March 2007, discussed the regulatory affairs in the convergence era. The conference was a hit and it was attended by an elite spectrum of Egyptian and regional ICT and media experts. Distinguished international experts were also keen to take part in that conference.

The second conference was held in March 2008 to discuss the emerging issues on applications of convergence. The NTRA experts held several bilateral meetings with a number of heads of companies and organizations to examine convergence challenges and opportunities.

The third annual conference was held on 28th and 29th April 2009; it came amidst rapid technological changes that impose thorny challenges and necessitate innovative solutions. A remarkable number of regulators' representatives with similar experiences were   among the participants to show case their expertise and exchange viewpoints with the participating authorities and delegates.