NTRA Events
The ICANN 32nd Public Meeting , Paris- France , 21-26 June 2008

The ICANN held its 32nd public meeting in Paris in the period from 21st to 26th June 2008. This meeting was the last before the 33rd public meeting scheduled to take place in Cairo in November 2008. The ICANN board announced in last April its selection of Egypt as the coming host country for the ICANN meeting, this event which will synchronize with the tenth anniversary of the ICANN.
Egypt assumes a pivotal role in the ICANN depending on a number of principles that the Egyptian government advocates, such as respecting the different cultures and nations, consolidation of dialogue and understanding between nations, supporting principles of pluralism, freedom and free competition.
Egypt also seeks to bridge and harmonize the different viewpoints and to crystallize the different causes and challenges of the Arab and African countries into policies and ideas that can be discussed and addressed through the ICANN. Egypt in this respect hosted the AFTLD in May 2007 and took part in the Puerto Rico meeting in June 2007.
Each year ICANN holds three meetings in different regions around the world. These meetings constitute an essential part of ICANN's global consensus-building and outreach efforts. The ICANN Meetings Committee sets the regions in which ICANN will hold its meetings. Proposals are then solicited from organizations interested in hosting the ICANN Meeting. The Meetings Committee then evaluates the proposals and selects the host country for each meeting. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the ICANN is a non-profit organization that manages the Internet and provide a stable environment and support free competition. ICANN also supports multilingualism on all levels.
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