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End of Roaming Charges in EU Countries
​​ European Commission has taken a  major step toward the creation of the Single Digital Market as it announced an agreement to end mobile roaming charges for consumers in the European Continent. Representatives of the European Parliament agreed on the regulation of wholesale roaming markets. This plan was announced two years ago when the European Commission unveiled an ambitious plan to create a unified digital market, which would unify various rules and regulations in terms of digital content, e-commerce and mobile communications within the European continent.

The Plan has put an end to roaming charges between the borders of the European Union countries, which faced stiff opposition from telecom companies worried about their profits in respect of consumers who feel upset about the limits that they can use when you are using the Internet to browse the Web data while roaming.

Negotiators stated that they had reached an agreement on technical issues such as  cost-sharing and step-by-step reduction over 5 years for data caps. It means that when travelling in the EU, consumers will be able to call, send SMS or surf on their mobile at the same price they pay at home. The agreement makes "roam-like-at-home" sustainable for people and businesses, while ensuring cost recovery and keeping national wholesale roaming markets competitive.