23 Responses to the consultation paper on the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA).

The dead line for receiving feedbacks and comments on the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) consultation paper is over. The NTRA got 23 responses from local and international vendors and operators.18 companies agreed on publishing their responses.

The (WIMAX Forum) showed great interest in the consultation paper. It responded to the paper and published it on its website.

The consultation paper included the main indicators of the telecommunications networks infrastructure in Egypt and the policy pursued by the NTRA in laying down the regulations related to this issue.

Moreover, it included some questions that the NTRA was posing, and the procedures of responding to them.

Drafts of the BWA regulatory framework and of the conditions and rules regulating BWA in the frequency band 3.5 GHz are attached to the consultation paper.

The NTRA is now in the process of studying the feedbacks and responses received. In a later phase the NTRA will organize a workshop to discuss the proposed regulatory framework and the feedbacks.
Please download the consultation paper from the publications section on the NTRA web site :