A Hearing Session to Discuss Broadband Wireless Access Regulation

A hearing session to discuss Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) regulation was held on NTRA premises on Wednesday 24th January 2007. This session came in context of the final phase of the consultation process of the BWA regulation.

NTRA representatives  presented the outcome of the second phase of the consultation process; giving a full analysis to the companies’ replies. Discussions were open and opinions were exchanged on the final draft of the BWA regulatory framework.

The NTRA published as well a report on the outcome of the second phase of the consultation process will full analysis to the companies’ replies and with the proposed amendments to the framework.

To view the report, please refer to

Report on the outcome of the second phase

The consultation process came  within framework of the NTRA preparations to grant license for the BWA technologies. The NTRA prepared a consultation process to know the opinions of the experts and companies and to make use of the best practices in this regard so as to prepare the market for the regulatory framework about to be declared by the NTRA.
NTRA  planned to have a three-phase consultation process. In the first phase, the NTRA organized a hearing session for all concerned companies including fixed operator, mobile operators, ISPs and some equipment vendors. The objective of the hearing session was to address different BWA visions and best means of application.

The second phase included the publication of the consultation paper on the NTRA website to get the opinions of the different market players regarding the proposed regulatory framework for BWA networks working in the frequency band 3.5 GHz.

The NTRA received 23 responses for the different national and international operators, component vendors, solution integrators & vendors, and SMEs, which again reflects the concern paid by the market players regarding the spread of services provided by these technologies in Egypt and mirrors as well the trust of the national and international companies in the Egyptian market and the growing investment opportunities.

The BWA technology, known as well by the Broadband Internet Access, often shortened to 'broadband Internet' or just 'broadband', is a high data-transmission rate internet connection. BWA is a means of providing broadband access connectivity to the telecommunication networks carried out in radio technology. It provides a higher data transmission speed than one using regular telephone technologies, which helps in the provisioning of the triple play (voice, data, and video) services.
Services include Internet access for businesses and homes. The new technology would help as well bridge the digital divide and enhance the investment revenues of Egyptian infrastructure.

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