An Announcement Concerning The Type Approval Samples of Mobile Phones
Starting from Sunday 04/09/2011, the following procedures will apply to type approval samples that will be submitted after that date:
  • The samples can be retrieved 30 days after the submittal date, and not later than 45 days from such date (two weeks only).
  • It is not permitted to request the retrieval of samples after the above mentioned period as these samples will be scrapped.
  • As for the equipment imported from China (the country of origin), the company is entitled to retrieve only one sample from the two submitted samples; and the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) will keep and retain the second sample in order to refer thereto (when necessary) and compare it with the samples taken from the upcoming shipments.
  • In order to have the samples re-delivered, a letter certified from the importing company should be issued stipulating the the authorization of a delegate or representative in addition to a description of the number of models to be re-delivered.
  • These rules will not apply to mobile devices commonly known as “Tablet” or “PDA” whose screen size exceeds 4 inches, provided that only one sample of these models will be submitted to get a Type Approval certificate.