Dr. Amr Badawi discusses the future of broadband at Cairo ICT

Dr. Amr Badawi, NTRA's Executive president participated in a session on the future of broadband that was held on February 9th 2009, and which also included top executives of Telecom Egypt, TE Data, Ericsson and Intel.

The session discussed the importance of wireless telecommunication and its role in the development process and its relationship with the different aspects of life. It also shed light on the opportunities it proposes in solving several current technical problems. In this regard TE Data presented its experience and expertise, as well as the services it provides using high speed internet.
In his speech, Dr. Badawi explained that the telecommunication experience in Egypt is continuously assessed and developed with the purpose of serving all sectors of society and the state. Moreover, some studies are being conducted on the possibility of implementing new ways of connecting to the internet using higher speeds, in order to gain more advantages.

Dr. Badawi also drew the attention to the fact that NTRA in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology always strive to defy all obstacles with the purpose of spreading the information and communication technologies with reasonable prices. Moreover, NTRA continues to adopt promising research and academic programs, which would help develop and promote the Egyptian telecommunication sector.