Egypt is the First Country to Use Arabic Internet Domain Name '.Masr'

Immediately after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had approved a new multilingual address system (and the registration of Domain Names and websites in several languages other than the English language (as the Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Russian languages)), Egypt submitted a request to register International TLD (International Top Level Domain) '. Masr'.

Hence, Egypt will be the first country to request the registration of Domain Names in the Arabic language. It is expected that this great prosperity will enhance the usage of Arabic websites and opens up new areas of investment in this concern. Consequently, this will lead to the emergence of several measures. After taking such measures, it is expected that the registration of language Internet addresses under TLD (Top Level Domain) ''. Masr'.

It is worth-mentioning that by the end of last October declared its approval of the final Implementation Plan for IDN ccTLD of Internet Addresses in non-Latin letters (web addresses) (i.e. Arabic Script). According to the Egyptian viewpoint, ICANN board's resolution is a positive move toward a multi-lingual presence on the Internet and a supportive step for the deployment of the Internet in different societies with their local languages.

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is now completing the procedures of allocation with ICANN. Moreover, the NTRA released the RFP that details the requirements of the Companies that intend to obtain a license to provide registration service under the TLD '.Masr'.

It is expected that the registration process will exceed hundred thousands of websites in the Arabic language in the coming years along the lines of what took place with other countries that use Latin letters, especially with the spread of the Internet usage on mobile phones in Egypt and the Arab countries.

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