Explanatory Messages on Internet Rates Reduction
  1. Current subscriptions will continue and have to be respected and abided with by Internet companies. Subscribers have the freedom and option to decide whether to continue with the current plan or transfer to the new one.

  2. The new framework will be applicable starting September 2007 with the intention to broaden and expand the base of subscriptions. It is to be highlighted that these new regulations intend to serve “low income brackets”.

  3. An independent and separate regulation is to be reviewed for Internet Cafes taking into consideration setting free downloading capacity.

  4. Liberalizing the rates for half and one mega volts will open venue to additional ADSL recreational offers all boiling to the interest of subscribers.

  5. Our basic guideline is to broaden and expand accessibility without any impediments.

  6. New regulations for an added value industry including transmissions basics are currently considered and reviewed.

  7. No restrictions are imposed on energy downloads for L.E. 45 subscription rates.

  8. The new plan will be for one year until market mechanisms are self regulated.

  9. According to a market research conducted by NTRA it was discovered that the average download usage of an Egyptian family is two mega volts for a monthly L.E. 45 subscription tariff. In additional downloads from internet like movies for instance will be an additional cost.

  10. Reaching such a reduced tariff involved special reductions by NTRA to Internet service companies.

    It is to be highlighted and reiterated that such facilities were offered in the past for an L.E. 95 monthly rate for 256 Kb which witnessed a 50% decrease to serve a new bracket with a maximum download capacity of 2 mega volts. Companies are encourages to provide additional reductions which will not be applicable to NTRA services as their target is to support the L.E. 45 subscribers’ bracket.