FIRST-ITU Regional Symposium & Cyber Drill for Africa and Arab Regions 2017

‚ÄčWithin the framework of EG-CERT's efforts exerted to monitor and follow up on cyber attacks by participating in the latest cyber-related events to strengthen relations with relevant international organizations and bodies, EG-CERT participates in the 2nd FIRST-ITU Regional Symposium and the 4th Applied learning for Emergency Response Teams (ALERT) cyber drill for Africa and Arab Regions in the period from 13 to 17 November 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The events will be hosted by Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). It is worth mentioning that EG-CERT hosted the first edition of FIRST-ITU Regional Symposium last year in Sharm El Sheikh.

This forum aims to consolidate multilateral participation in the exchange of regional information and communications to promote regional security and promote stability and economic development. It will include several regional presentations and opportunities for regional delegations to exchange views and lessons learned from their respective national cybersecurity strategies and ICT initiatives. As for the workshop, it aims to enhance communication and emergency response capabilities to ensure that adequate efforts are made to address cyber threats through the national emergency response centers in the Arab and African region. The workshop includes several sessions that will deal with current cyber security issues and an assessment of emergency teams' readiness for virtual attacks Involving the most common types of electronic attacks.