NTRA Partakes in ITU-T's SG16 Meeting
​​In the context of its keenness to participate in the activities of ITU-T, the NTRA partakes in SG 16 meeting that will be held in the period from 16 to 27 January 2017in Geneva, Switzerland. This Study Group is responsible for studies relating to ubiquitous applications, multimedia capabilities for services and applications for existing and future networks, including NGN and beyond. This encompasses accessibility, multimedia architectures, terminals, protocols, signal processing, media coding and systems (e.g. network signal processing equipment, multipoint conference units, gateways and gatekeepers).
Chief among the main roles and mandates of this Study Group are:
  • Multimedia coding, systems and applications
  • Ubiquitous applications
  • Telecommunication/ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities.
  • Intelligent transport system (ITS) communications
  • IPTV

It is worth mentioning that during the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16), which was held in Yasmine Hammamet in Tunisia during the period from October 25 until November 4, 2016  Eng. Mohannad El-Megharbel, (Senior man, Standardization and Technical Aspects, R & D, NTRA) was elected Vice Chairman of SG 16 for IPTV.
As the upcoming meeting is the first official meeting to be held after WTSA-16, it is highly significant as the participants will set and prepare all its mandates for the next period not to mention the stupendous significance of NTRA's expert, Eng. El-Megharbel as SG16 Chairman.