Indicators of Internet Usage in 60 minutes in Egypt During Summer 2020
“What happens in 60 minutes of internet in Egypt” infographic shows indicators of an hour of internet usage in the summer season (June, July, August) 2020, indicators are presented per type of service as follows:

1- Social Media Platforms: are the applications and websites (such as Facebook and Twitter, ...) that enable their users to post any content (text, audio, visual, or data) and share it with others. 
Number of users = 2 million users. 
Number of visits = 52 million visits.
Volume of consumed data = 19 Terabytes.
2.- Watching Digital Content: Movies and TV series that users are watching through applications and platforms such as (Netflix, Shahid, ...). 
Number of users = 1.4 million users. 
Number of hours = 89 thousand watching hours. 
Volume of consumed data = 38 Terabytes.
3- Electronic Gaming: Video games that users are playing online (PlayStation, Xbox, ...). 
Number of players = 500 thousand players, 
number of hours= 11 thousand hours, 
Volume of consumed data = 11 Terabytes.
4- Live video Podcasting: Live videos that are created and shared by users on social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, ...). 
Number of video makers’ = 2000, 
Number of hours =35 video podcasting hours, 
Volume of consumed data = 15 Gigabytes.
5-Electronic Mail: this service enables users to send and receive e-mail messages online (through Google e-mail, Yahoo e-mail, etc. ..). 
Number of users = 700 thousand users.
Number of sent e-mails = 291 thousand e-mails.
Volume of consumed data = 410 Gigabytes.
6- Map Searching: to search for places and destinations via map applications (such as Google Maps, Here we go, Waze, ...). 
Number of users = 500 thousand users.
Number of search requests = 3 million search requests for locations.
Volume of consumed data = 102 Gigabytes.
7- Short Videos Uploading and Sharing: Short entertaining musical videos created and shared by users through applications such as (Tik Tok, Likee, ...). 
Number of users = 300 thousand users.
Number of video hours = 2113 hours
Volume of consumed data = 2 terabytes
8- Web Browsing and Data Downloading: to browse the internet or/and download data, and to update software through internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc...). 
Number of users = 1 million users
Number of visits = 86 million visits
Volume of consumed data = 161 terabytes
9- Electronic shopping: to shop goods or/and services online through various shopping applications and websites (such as Amazon, Souq, etc..). 
Number of users = 200 thousand users.
Number of visits = 1.5 million shopping visits
Volume of consumed data = 307 gigabytes
10- Online Meetings: meetings which are conducted via the Internet through applications such as (Zoom, Microsoft teams, Hangout, etc....). 
Number of users = 1000 thousand users.
Number of meeting hours = 62 thousand hours 
Volume of consumed data = 1.8 terabytes
11- Search Engine Searching: Searching the internet using search applications and sites (such as Ask, Bing, Google, etc. ...). 
Number of users = 1.2 million users
Number of searches = 70 million searches
Volume of consumed data = 16 terabytes
12-Instant Message Chatting: instant messages (text, voice, video) are exchanged over the Internet through applications such as (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. ...). 
Number of users = 1.5 million users
Number of exchanged messages = 3 billion messages
Volume of consumed data = 7 terabytes

Comparison between the Internet Service Usage in summer 2020 and Summer 2019:
  • ADSL internet usage increased by 92%.
  • Mobile internet usage increased by 12%.
  • The number of peak hours increased by 4 hours, totals 13 hours ( from 3 PM to 4 AM) in the summer of 2020 compared to 9 hours (from 5 PM to 2 AM) in the summer of 2019, with an increase of 45%.
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