International Consumer's Day
The protection of the rights of telecom services users is considered one of of the most significant mandates of special concern to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) that considers it a national duty. Thereupon, the NTRA has adopted a range of mechanisms that enable the user to deal with various telecommunications services, and sought earnestly to protect him from any unsatisfactory practices not to mention his rights enforced by law. In this framework, the NTRA has taken the initiative to issue “The Telecom Service Users’ Rights and Obligations Charter” in collaboration with the Consumer Rights Protection Committee (CRPC) affiliated thereto. In fact, this document has coincided with the eight fundamental consumer rights adopted by the United Nations, rather the “Telecom Service Users’ Rights and Obligations Charter” has added further details that take into account the needs of the ICT services users To review the details of the “Telecom Service Users’ Rights and Obligations Charter”, kindly visit the following link:http://tra.gov.eg/english/dpages_dpagesdetails.asp?id=449&menu=9