Menatel Takes Part in the National Project Supplying Telecom Services to Rural AreasMarket Analysis Questionnaires

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority signed an agreement with Menatel – a telecommunication company that offers general payphone services throughout Egypt – to provide telecommunication services to rural and insular areas, which lack sufficient telecommunications infrastructure. The agreement stipulates a phased approach to the Universal Service project, the first phase of which shall focus on nine governorates, with the rest of the governorates to be covered in subsequent phases. 

Dr. Amr Badawy, the executive president of NTRA, and Dr. Olfat Abdel-Monsef, the vice-president for policies, research and development represented the NTRA in the meeting, while Menatel was represented by a number of top-level officials from the company. The project phases and time plan were agreed upon during the meeting with the target of covering around 1000 rural villages in the nine governorates throughout 2007, chosen according to the standards laid out by the NTRA to guarantee that the areas chosen are in need of the service

Within the framework of the NTRA’s keenness to create a competitive and fair milieu that helps in developing the ICT sector and providing opportunities to all companies operating in this sector without discrimination as per the provisions of Telecom Regulation Law No. 10/2003 in articles (2, 4, 24, 25-17), kindly be informed  that the NTRA will shortly announce the free competition rules and regulations that aim to analyze telecom markets, and evaluate competition in every market, taking the regulatory measures that facilitate the current obstacles and prevent any arising anti-competitive practices.

Due to the NTRA’s keenness to invite all stakeholders to take part in this process, and boost transparency in this sector, these rules will be will be issued to operators for public consultation to get their feedback and remarks before the final announcement of those rules.

It is worth mentioning that Competition’s regulatory rules are general that will be used as guidelines in the analysis of markets and communications services. NTRA is currently analyzing the retail markets of telephone and data services (Retail Voice and Data Services). This will be followed by an analysis of the wholesale markets and infrastructure availability (Wholesale and Infrastructure Leasing Services).

Accordingly, samples of the questionnaires (for the fixed and mobile operators and ISPs) have been prepared in order to analyze the retail markets of telephone and data services.

Thereupon, all companies should fill in the relevant questionnaire with the required data so that the NTRA be able to implement and issue the free competition rules that will benefit the telecom sector and all companies.

Kindly note that the NTRA undertakes its role to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all data set forth in the questionnaires and guarantee that these data will not be disclosed to any other party or displayed in any public consultation.

The companies can inquire and send their responses to the following e-mail address: