Mobile Operators’ Benchmarking- February 2008

The NTRA announces the results of the mobile operators’ services’ benchmarking for February 2008. The report is the outcome of regular tests carried out by the NTRA to make sure that all services comply with the preset standards and specifications.
Those measures come within context of the monitory role of the NTRA and within its mandate to support free competition and transparency.
Those tests are carried out by a specialized team of engineers and experts in the areas defined in the mobile operators’ licenses during the peak hours in all main and subsidiary streets and outside the cement buildings.
The report is the outcome of measures carried out in four main zones, namely: Cairo, Alexandria, the Canal Zone and Upper Egypt.
The report reflects the keenness of the NTRA to incessantly enhance its technical potentials in a way that copes with international technological shifts as well as to introduce the user to the quality of services provided in the market in a transparent way, which in turn urges the companies to improve their services.

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