NTRA Held a Seminar on Net Neutrality with The Attendance of TRAI

​​​Within the framework of the NTRA's keenness to open continuous cooperation channels with regional and international telecom regulators as this is the golden opportunity to share expertise and get acquainted with other experiences and benefit from them, NTRA, represented by IR Department, held a seminar on Net Neutrality on Monday 18 September 2017 at NTRA's premises.

It should be noted that NTRA signed in March 2007 an MoU with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)  that enabled the NTRA to have new ways for exchanging expertise and technologies in both countries. Moreover, it emphasized the significance of enhancing the bilateral cooperation and exchanging expertise and experts. 

This MoU provided the means for exchanging expertise and identifying methods of telecommunication management in both countries, emphasizing the necessity to support mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences and experts, and enabled both parties to hold seminars and workshops where experts from both sides can benefit from this cooperation, knowing that India is a pioneer in the field of "Internet neutrality" and "Free Basics".

In fact, the State of India showed willingness to activate this MoU, and accordingly a conference call was held last March in which departments of IR, International Technical Cooperation, and Economic Affairs participated. The success of this call encouraged both sides to make arrangements for a seminar on Net Neutrality in which TRAI would participate. The seminar was held yesterday at NTRA's premises as TRAI sent a delegation of two experts to attend the seminar as keynote speakers to discuss the subject of the symposium and to present India's experience in dealing with it.

The seminar was attended by two experts from TRAI, Mr. Sunil Bajpai and Mr. Mr. Asit Kadayan, as keynote speakers,. Mr. Bajpayee currently serves as a Principal Advisor to TRAI and supervises IT, QoS and consumers' affairs and is an expert in communications, policies and researches in the field of information technology. Moreover, Mr. Asit Kadayan works for the Indian Department of Telecom and is in charge of QoS issues in mobile and fixed line networks as he has an extensive experience in Net Neutrality, Cloud Computing and OTT-related issues. 
The attendees discussed several issues such as the actions and initiatives launched by TRAI, market development and NN consultations, the approach adopted by the Indian regulator to deal with Net Neutrality, in addition to the legal and regulatory framework adopted to deal with TRAI.