NTRA Participates in EMERG’s Benchmarking Conference/ Contact Network meeting in Sarajevo
​​​Within the framework of NTRA’s effective participation in the activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) and the Egyptian regulator’s active role in establishing the Group’s self-administration system, NTRA shall participate in EMERG’ Benchmarking Conference/ Contact Network meeting that will be held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 20 and 21 February 2018. 
This meeting is the preparatory meeting for EMERG’s main meeting that will be held in Cairo in March 2018 as it aims to propose an action plan to the Commission at the Plenary in Cairo (Egypt) heading to a solution that can guarantee the future of the platform after 2019.

This meeting comes as an implementation of the previous year’s Action Plan which has been adopted at EMERG’s annual general meeting that was held in Rome, Italy in 2017. The members will discuss many issues in this year’s meeting, according to EMERG Charter. Chief among them are, the yearly benchmarking report, as the draft to be presented to the Plenary Assembly will be approved, and the tasks and rules of procedures of the Secretariat. Moreover, during this important event, comments will be made on the reports prepared for the working groups in Portugal, Jordan, Germany and Italy in 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting will discuss the development of various cooperation ways with the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), knowing that BEREC invited NTRA’s experts to make a presentation on "Next Generation Networks" (NGN) in the meeting that was held in Munich, Germany in November 2017. It should be noted that Egypt, represented by NTRA, chaired EMERG in 2013 and became a member of EMERG Secretariat in 2014. Egypt is, also, nominated for the second time by the member states to chair the Group this year 2018.