NTRA Regulating the Market

In its attempt to regulate the market on all levels, the NTRA approved a number of resolutions, chief among which is the renewal of the licenses of the NTCC and ATS companies for prepaid cards for another five years starting from 5/2/2009.

The NTRA has approved before a request submitted by NTCC to communicate calls originating from the United States to Egypt according to the NTRA provisions. Prepaid cards companies can also get the same license in accordance with the same provisions. It is worth mentioning in this regard that licensing fees for the prepaid cards companies were reduced and the minimum limit for annual licensing fees was also cancelled; this resolution however will be in effect starting from the third year of operation.
The NTRA has also approved a request for Telecom Egypt to install two new marine cables at Ras Sudr at the Suez Gulf and in Sedi Kerir in the North Coast in collaboration with the Europe-India Gateway  (EIG) consortium.

The NTRA on the other hand has approved to provide financial support to train scholars and to make the necessary research and studies needed for the application of the wireless devices using the new technologies of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max. The NTRA had allotted 920 thousand Egyptian Pounds for the first year to finance a project for the designing and specifying of standards for the WiMax technology in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering- Cairo University.