NTRA Strives to Support and Adopt Promising University Researches

NTRA successfully hosted a workshop titled 'Egyptian Universities Researches and Projects in the Field of Telecommunications'. The workshop incorporated a group of Telecommunications Professors from Cairo, Ein Shams, Alexandria, Assyout, and Helwan universities, in addition to the Maritime Academy for Science and Technology. The main objective of the workshop was to support the progress on the path of Egyptian Scientific Research through presenting a number of scientific researches and Telecommunications Projects conducted by Egyptian Universities and furthermore exploring the possibility of NTRA's scientific, technical and economic future support to such researches and projects in addition to the possibility of aiding the realization of the results suggested by these studies so as to apply them in the form of products and services.

The workshop had given special attention to researches concerning the development of telecommunications networks, the know how of spectrum management and organization, and finally the know how of improving the quality of service to the end user.

It's noteworthy that the NTRA expresses vast concern towards scientific research in the field of telecommunications, and the constant contact of telecom professors and experts in general, while having had dedicated a whole department that is directly concerned with studies and scientific research.

Henceforth, cooperation between the NTRA and other scientific-research-oriented entities is considered as both sensible and fruitful due to the ongoing channel of communication with such entities and the presence of relevant departments. Dr. Amr Badawy, Executive Director of NTRA, had emphasized this concept, considering this workshop as one of the initial steps taken towards achieving good coordination with Egyptian Universities in the field of R&D, and that the NTRA will provide technical and financial support to successful projects in the coming period to ensure that these  projects' meet its planned objectives.  Moreover, Dr. Badawi had asserted his profound belief in the necessity of mainstreaming and coordinating efforts between the NTRA and the Egyptian universities vis-à-vis different researches in the field of telecommunications, which will benefit all parties.