New Landline Tariff authorized by the NTRA Board

Within context of tariff restructuring, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) held a board meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel to authorize new landline tariffs following a request by Telecom Egypt’s board.
Such modifications came as a response to the diverse changes in the economic system of the telecom sector.
The number of mobile subscribers reached more than 34 million and is expected to reach 45 million by end of 2009. This, in turn, has enforced new variables in traffic capacity between mobile and fixed telephony and landline communications between the Egyptian governorates.
The last modification in landline tariffs was in March, 2006. The new landline tariffs will be in effect as of July 1st, 2008.
The fees for installing a new landline was permanently cut by 50% to be LE250 instead of LE500 for home use and LE500 instead of LE1000 for commercial use. The new tariffs will be permanently applied nationwide. The reduction aims at facilitating landlines for new families at affordable prices.
The tariff for a phone call from a landline to a mobile phone and vice versa was deducted by 33% from 45 Piasters during peak time and 35 Piasters rest of day to become 30 Piasters all day long.
The paging service fees during peak time were deducted by 20% to be 16 Piasters for more than 60 kilometers and 8 Piasters for less than 60 kilometers like the currently applied fee for non-peak times.
The monthly subscription for the home landline has been increased by 20% from LE10 to LE12. For commercial landlines, the subscription has been increased from LE16 to LE 24.
The tariff for local phone calls was increased from 2 Piasters to 3 Piasters. The tariff for initiating a local call and the paging service will be 5 Piasters instead of 4.
The tariff raise excluded the free internet service 0777 and 0707, confirming the State’s policy of spreading the internet usage nationwide. 
NTRA Executive President Dr. Amr Badawy said the tariff raise is not likely to affect an average 40-pound bill. This means a subscriber will pay about LE2 more, a total of 5% of the bill, he added.
According to Dr. Badawy, the one-piaster raise in the local call tariff will also not exceed 5% of the average bill. The total increase is not expected to be more than 10% at the time when citizens enjoy the new reductions, he concluded.