New Resolutions for the NTRA Board

The NTRA board met on the 20th April 2008, where members agreed to reduce the interconnection prices between the internet providers and Telecom Egypt for international bandwidth STM-4 to stand at 20.000 $. This reduction applies to interconnection between international data networks and local networks of Telecom Egypt.

The board agreed as well during its meeting that NTRA will shoulder all expenses that Telecom Egypt should pay for applying the number portability service between the three mobile operators. Expenses will be paid from the Universal Service Fund, which stands at 12.545.425 L.E.

In its meeting on the 24th June 2008, the NTRA board decided to renew the license for Egypt Telecard Company for prepaid cards for another five years, effective from 4th August 2009.

It was also agreed to renew the permit for ON-Air company to provide GSM service in the bandwidth 1800 MGHz on board of its aero-planes that are registered in Egypt during its crossing to the Egyptian Air Zone and on height over 10000 feet.

A new system for using the microwave networks was decided during the period where these networks are renewed, the system stipulates that:
The customer will pay the fees for using the old bandwidth frequencies in addition to 10% only from the fees of using the new bandwidth in return for using both bandwidths for one year.
In case the renewal period exceeded the year, the customer will be charged for both old and new bandwidths according to the system approved by the NTRA.

 ALKAN company was granted the license to provide the service of an Accounting Identification Code whereas it was approved to conciliate its conditions with the companies working in the same field.

NTRA board agreed to sponsor the Project on Convergence and Transformation to Digital Transmission, which is implemented in collaboration with the German Frank Hoover Institute. The Board agreed to allocate an amount of 70.000 Euros from the R&D budget for the project and to include representatives from the ERTU and Ain Shams University to cooperate with the NTRA team responsible for the project.