Participation in WTDC-17 Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Arab States August 2017 in Algeria
‚ÄčThe Fourth WTDC-17 Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Arab States will be held in the period from 20 to 23 August 2017 in Algiers, Algeria, within the context of the implementation of the recommendations of 3rd meeting of the Arab Task Force for the Preparation of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-17) Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the period from 9 to 20 October 2017. It is worth mentioning that the Arab regional preparatory meetings are held in implementation of the Resolution No. 31 (issued in Hyderabad, 2010) as an attempt to attain intact regional coordination and to evade any conflict in views and attitudes before the Conference. 

Moreover, these meetings are highly significant for discussing and identifying issues of concern to the Arab Region, as these issues will be presented jointly in the most effective way during the conference. This meeting aims to draft the final document of the joint Arab proposals that reflect the new challenges encountering ICT sector and the Arab region, as well as the mechanisms that will aid and boost sustainable development in Arab countries for inclusion in the conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that will be held in October 2017. 

Egypt, represented by NTRA, will submit ten working papers on the modification of the Rules of Procedure of ITU-D, and Study Groups of the sector, in addition to Resolution No. 9 on the participation of developing countries in Spectrum Management, the resolution on conformity and interoperability, measurement concerns related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields, alternative telecom devices, and the stolen mobile devices. Furthermore, a proposal will be submitted on the final WTDC Declaration and a proposal on ITU's strategic and financial plan. These resolutions will be submitted to the Arab preparatory Group for adoption and inclusion in the joint Arab proposal that will be submitted to the Conference in Argentina. 

It should be noted that participation in this meeting is highly significant to present the proposed modifications to the afore-mentioned resolutions and to support our proposed resolution concerning the stolen devices. The meeting is a golden opportunity to determine the Arab countries' stance in order to coordinate efforts in this regard to enhance the leadership of the Arab region. In addition, this preserves Egypt's role as a regional coordinator between the Arab and African regions by unifying the stances of Arab and African countries as Egypt plays an active role in this regard, hence presenting a unified position in the conference as a large number of Developing countries from the African and Arab regions will attend it.