Egypt's Cybersecurity Certification and Accreditation Lab (EGYCCAL)/ Request for Information (RFI)

To: All Interested Suppliers

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) of the Arab Republic of Egypt is requesting information regarding the establishment of a "Common Criteria Testing Laboratory," or any similar certification lab for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) systems and components, hereafter referred to as Egypt's Cybersecurity Certification and Accreditation Lab (EGYCCAL). The proposed EGYCCAL will develop the conformity requirement that applies to ICT products for the Egyptian market. The scope of the requested information covers the necessary lab systems and equipment, as well as the required skills set, professional training, work flow and operational framework, including estimates of the associated costs and anticipated implementation timeframes. The EGYCCAL will be responsible for publishing a catalogue of certifications, with all the processes to establish an official certification and accreditation scheme, and the associated testing laboratories, especially for the following domains: network devices, operating systems, detection devices, Internet of Things, among the 14 core product categories of the Common Criteria.

NTRA invites all interested parties to submit a written response to the attached Request for Information (5 pages).

This RFI is sought strictly for the purpose of gaining knowledge of services and supplies available with an associated estimate of the corresponding costs, and should not be construed as intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services, supplies, or solutions offered.

No contract will result from any response to this RFI.

Information submitted in response to this RFI will become the property of NTRA. NTRA will not pay for any information herein requested nor is it liable for any costs incurred by any supplier. All information should be submitted to 
crr@tra.gov.eg; the deadline for submission is 31st of January 2018 (12pm) as per
the attached Request for Information: Request for Information.pdf

We appreciate your response to this RFI.

Best regards,