Signing Memorandums of Understanding with Jordan and Emirates

Dr. Amr Badawi, the executive president of the NTRA signed two memorandums of understanding with Jordan and Emirates during the proceedings of the Telecommunications Middle East Summit, held earlier this month in Dubai.

The MOU with Emirates was signed by Dr. Amr Badawi and Mr. Mohamed Naser el Ghanem head of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Emirates. The MOU addresses issues of universal service, costing, consumer protection, type approval and convergence.

The MOU with Jordan was signed by Dr. Amr Badawi and Dr. Ahmed Hiasat,  chairman and CEO of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Jordan. The MOU tackles issues of competition, frequency spectrum management, licensing, Internet usage for development, infrastructure development, numbering and interconnection.

The signing of the MOUs took place during the Telecommunications Middle East Summit, which was held in Dubai earlier this month. The Summit, which brought together the leading Industry organizations of the Middle East tackled key telecommunication issues.

The summit was hosted by Etisalat Academy, which is one of the major professional Centers of Excellence in the Gulf Region & the Middle East.

Topics covered at the summit included

o Competition, regulation and licensing

o Wholesale markets and pricing

o Infrastructure development in metropolitan and regional areas

o Voice video and data over IP networks

o Partnerships and industry alliances

o Industry consolidation

o Revenue drivers

o New business models

o New technologies like WiMax

o Convergence of telecommunications, media and ICT industries

Dr. Amr Badawi participated as well in the TRA Chiefs Panels Session on Effective Regulation and Competition in the Telecommunications industry. The session addressed several regulatory issues of major importance.