Signing of National Roaming agreement

After long negotiations for more than six months with the three mobile operators in Egypt, and after resorting to NTRA in search for a decisive and fair solution for the problem of national roaming, the efforts were finally realized and NTRA successfully managed to devise a fair commercial agreement that works for the benefit of all the stakeholders and that is in alignment with the fair competition concept sought after by the NTRA.

The signing of the agreement and the launch of the national roaming service has been finally realized on Wednesday 6/6/2007, in the NTRA premises in the Smart Village.

According to this agreement the two operating mobile operators are required to supply the national roaming service to the third operator in the areas that are not covered by its network. As well as the responsibility of the third operator to do exactly the same for the other two companies in areas which their networks are not covered.
The national roaming agreement has been already included in the three operators’ licenses, which was one of the reasons behind the increase to almost the double of the expected value of the third license.

The importance of such and agreement is basically because it manages to solve a huge dilemma, as it is increasingly hard to find a middle ground agreement that works for the benefit of both the consumer as well as service provider. Therefore this agreement serves in covering a wider geographical area covered by the networks of the companies, without interfering with the quality of service, which on another hand generates higher profits for the service providers.

What is National Roaming:

It is one of the new telecommunications technologies that allows for providing telephone services for subscribers of a certain service network provider by using the networks of the other company, which has a geographical coverage of this specific area. Needless to say is that this service is provided for the first time in Egypt.

Most important advantages of national roaming:

1. Achieving the concept of free & fair competition in the telecommunications market, as it allows the new service provider to generate a greater geographical coverage area from the starting date of operation until it completely assembles its network, hence achieving the complete network coverage of Egypt.
2. Allowing for increased coverage of rural and deprived areas in Egypt
3. Increasing the quality of service provided to the consumer as a direct effect of the increase in the levels of competition between the operators
4. Creating a positive cooperative environment between the three operators in a framework of transparency and discipline.