Strengthening Egypt's presence in International Arena


Egypt Elected as Vice Chair of ICANN's GAC & The Vice Chairman of 5 ITU-T Study Groups

Within the framework of its keenness to strengthen the Egyptian experts' presence in the esteemed international entities, NTRA has been giving special attention to their effective participation in the international decision-making process. This inevitably ensures the exchange of viewpoints and clear presentation of the Egyptian, Arab and African stances and positions. In addition, this guarantees the safeguarding of the Egyptian and Arab vital interests related to the telecom sector.

It is evident that the NTRA has succeeded lately in holding an effective position, proving a significant presence in the international arena, as it has emphasized the fact that the Egyptian administration is capable of hosting and organizing the largest and most significant international events. This has been conspicuous as Egypt hosted the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) for 2016 (GSR-16) and the Fifth Regional Cyber Security Summit this year. In fact, the two events are highly important and influential on the international and regional levels.

Previous policies had a great impact on strengthening and augmenting the Egyptian experts' chances in holding esteemed international positions as Eng. Manal Ismail has been elected vice chair of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) during the elections that took place in the last ICANN meeting that took place in Hyderabad. It is worth mentioning that Egypt had been nominated through the African Group for this office, which reflects the great trust and respect of the international community to the leading role played by Egypt on the regional and international arenas. This committee provides advice to ICANN on public policy issues.

It should be noted that ICANN is one of the most important international bodies in the field of the Internet economy. It is responsible for the coordination of technical resources needed for the Internet, which includes the Domain Name System (DNS), the policies related to the allocation of Internet protocol numbers as well as Internet protocol identifiers, which comes as an integral part of critical resources for the work of the Internet and requires many technical and organizational coordination to ensure efficient allocation and usage.

Furthermore, during Egypt's participation in the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16), which was held in Yasmine Hammamet in Tunisia during the period from October 25 until November 4, 2016, all Egyptian candidates were elected in the positions they run for, hence they assumed the positions of vice chairman of TSAG, SG3, SG13, SG16 and SG 20 as follows:

  1. Dr.  Hossam Abdel Mawla, Vice Chairman of SG2 for operation and numbering;
  2. Mr. Ahmed Saeed, Vice Chairman of SG3  for economic and financial issues;
  3. Eng. Ahmed El-Raghy, Vice Chairman for SG13  for next-generation networks;
  4. Mohannad El-Megharbel, Vice Chairman of SG 16 for IPTV.
  5. Ramy Ahmed Fathy, Vice Chairman of SG 20 of IoT and smart cities.

A delegation from the NTRA participated in the works and meetings of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16) that is held regularly every four years. In this event the scope of work is determined together with the topics to be studied by ITU-T over the next four years. In addition, the study groups are re-formed and the topics assigned thereto are identified in accordance with the general plan in the upcoming period, as well as the adoption of many new and amended decisions to determine the policies and orientations towards some standardization topics of interest.

NTRA is planning to continue providing its support and implement measures aiming to promote the Egyptian experts' presence  in the important international positions, hence contributing to the expansion of the Egyptian and the Arab impact on the telecom sector's agenda on the international and regional arenas.