The 12th Meeting of the Arab Standardization Group (ASTEAM) 2017 in Riyadh, November 2017

Within the framework of the ITU Standardization Sector (ITU-T), NTRA will participate in 12th meeting of the Arab Standardization Team (ASTeam) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the period from 19 to 23 November in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia.

Due to the significant role standardization has been playing in the ever-developing telecom sector that necessitated the conformity of telecom systems and their fulfilment of the end user’s needs, the League of Arab States established the ASTeam in 2007 as one of the specialized teams. In this regard, ASTeam) aimed to boost the relationship between the officials in the Arab departments and administrations and ITU standardization sector. This required the implementation of this sector’s recommendations in the Arab region, and the enhancement of the technical capabilities of the standardization officials in the Arab administrations, and the exchange of expertise through the ASTeam’s activities in addition to the participation of Arab administrations in the works of the study groups and their encouragement to submit joint working papers and the active participation in their meetings.

In fact, this team has played a major role in the preparation for the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) and the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) that was held in Dubai 2012 as the stakeholders agreed on joint working papers and nominations of the Arab region in various positions of ITU standardization sector.

It should be noted that the ASTeam will discuss several important topics during the meeting, as the Regional Standardization Forum will address Internet technology and the ITU-T SG20 Regional Group for the Arab Region (SG20RG-ARB) will focus on the Internet and Smart Cities, and the ITU-T SG3 Regional Group for the Arab Region (SG3 RG-ARB) will address economic issues. Moreover, the results of the meeting of the Expert Group on the International Telecommunication Regulations (EG ITRs) will be reviewed with the results of other ITU-T Study Groups for the current study period and the main results of the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) meeting.

It is expected that the NTRA Working Group will focus on some important topics, including the determination of the time plan for the submittal of the unified Arab contributions and the distribution of tasks among the officials of each Arab administration, including the required contributions  and coordination of their support by the Arab countries in the Study Groups and the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA). In addition, the working documents on the studies of Internet technologies will be presented in SG20RG-ARB in addition to the works of SG20RG-ARB on Economic Affairs.