The Closing Of The Universal Acceptance Hackathon At NTRA’s Premises

The activities of the Universal Acceptance Hackathon, hosted by the NTRA, in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University, were concluded yesterday. It was held in the period from 25 to 27 August 2019 at NTRA’s premises, in the Smart Village. This competition was conducted with the participation of roughly 30 contestants from Ain Shams University and the supervision of foreign experts from the Universal Acceptance Steering Group and ICANN. The NTRA’s Research and Development (R&D) Department funded and sponsored this esteemed event as 8 teams were selected from 42 teams of the university

The attendees came up with a single project idea that was implemented by the eight teams. The project developers intend to issue a special software for children’s vaccination with the aim of protecting children from serious and infectious diseases and complications. This application creates a registration form that receives the necessary data for the newborn child and his parents as a vaccination schedule is made for each child and an email notification is sent to his family 15 days prior to the planned vaccination date. Another notification is sent two days before the vaccination date.

The child's family uses its account on the software, in order to be able to check the schedule at any time where the login must include an email address and password. The project software will be activated as a website, a desktop application and a mobile application. At the end of the competition, one of the contestants won the competition as he submitted an open application. In fact, all stakeholders should cooperate together to implement this project, which is mainly concerned with children health and the provision of due care to the Egyptian society and family.