The First International Conference on Regulation of Electronic Communications
The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has received a cordial invitation from Tunisia's Telecom Authority (INT) to participate in the first International Conference on Regulation of Electronic Communications, scheduled to be held on 13 and 14 March 2018 in Tunisia under the theme, “New technological and regulatory trends of future networks”.

The rapid technological advancements in the telecom sector in the past few years modernized and revolutionized the telecom sector worldwide, leading to the emergence of the next-generation networks (NGNs) that allow for the provision of a wide array of new services. This Conference aims to develop the next generation networks framework by presenting suggestions and recommendations for laying down clear and transparent regulations and rules for NGNs.

It is expected that many international experts from various regulatory bodies and operators’ institutions will attend this Conference to discuss the regulations and measures taken and implemented regarding various topics related to the main theme of the Conference. This will help develop and enrich the expertise and raise the level of competence through the presentation of the latest technological advancements. Moreover, the Conference will also tackle some significant topics, including the review of the objectives and technical standards and specifications of 5 G technology as defined by the main international standardization bodies. This will eventually lead to the attainment of effective technological evolution that aims to develop the regulatory models that should be updated on an ongoing basis, without overlooking the special features and specs of each of them. It is worth mentioning that the participants will discuss the new regulatory trends related to 5G technology, paying special attention to the principles of the new regulatory models. NTRA’s experts will also hold an important meeting with representatives of the Tunisian regulatory authority to discuss the potentials of enhancing cooperation and exchange of expertise in relevant fields, not to mention the bilateral meetings that they will also conduct with their Arab and regional counterparts.