The NTRA Offering the Second Fixed-Line License

Within framework of the NTRA’s efforts to deregulate the telecom market, the NTRA is offering the second fixed telecommunications network license, which will include licensing the services of triple play, international gateway, Wimax, data and internet, local and international fixed voice, value added services. Mobile services are restricted.
The new license aims at enhancing competition in the fixed phone market as well as at introducing new services with new technologies for the welfare of the telecom user.
The license duration is 20 years and it can be renewed for another 10 years. Complete RIO will be available with favorable terms for the new entrant.
Interested Parties are invited to explore the different infrastructure potentials such as electricity and railways.
National and international consortia are invited to bid for the license. Offers will be submitted on 19th June 2008 at 12:00 p.m. on NTRA premises at the Smart Village.
Bidding companies started to buy the license specifications and conditions booklet from the NTRA headquarter at the Smart village starting from Thursday 13th March 2008. Bidding companies paid 10,000 USD for the booklet and submitted an auction guarantee of 10 million Egyptian pounds.
Seven companies bought the booklet till now, namely:

  • Atheeb - Saudi Arabia
  • Orascom telecom
  • Alcan 
  • Giza systems 
  • Etisalat – Emirates
  • France telecom
  • Alcatel-Lucent Egypt 
  • Ericsson
  • Noor Financial Investment
  • The Egyptian Company for networks
  • Saudi Delta Company Ltd.

The NTRA also announces that an “enquiries session” will be held on Wednesday 7th May, 2008 on NTRA premises at the Smart Village.