The NTRA hosted the EMERG Workshop

​​​The NTRA hosted  the EMERG Workshop on Fibers to the homes (FTTH) Regulatory Policies update in partnership with the  European commission during the 21st- 22nd of January 2015. A lot of important points concerning  the FTTH were tackled and a solid conclusion was reached.

Each country introduced its Telecom reform process concerning FTTH ,its market major players and its telecom market factsheet, all the three items were a good indication to the ICT sector in each country Specially the  percentage of Mobile Subscribers, Mobile Penetration (Population), the number of Internet Users & ADSL Subscribers  and the percentage of  ADSL Penetration (Households).

Moreover , the opportunities and the challenges of the FTTH in each country were discussed and the political & Regulatory Actions as well.

On the other hand, both Huawei and Ericsson presented a very efficient presentation of the impact of the FTTH on the end-user behavior and how the ultra-broadband enable better experience for smart devices. They also raised the point of how the user experience leads to network transformation and the difference between the traditional network and the future network. Moreover , they discussed how the full service network can  improve the transfer termination mode( TTM) &  the return on investment (ROI).

As a conclusion of the workshop, the  smart access is the enabler of network transformation either it is via ultra-high Broadband, heterogeneous Access , flatten Network  or Full Service Network which will  perceive and improve the user experience in purchase, usage and fault claim.

It is quite obvious that the telecom Industry has been taking actions and this is the roadmap to growth by having one common infrastructure for all services which Egypt will apply in a few weeks after launching the unified license by creating a national entity that will lease the service equally to the four operators.