The Second Fixed License

Twelve local and international companies, according to Dr. Amr Badawi-the executive president of the NTRA, bought the second fixed license conditions and specifications handbook. The NTRA on its part sent the license proposal to the companies that have bought the handbook on the 15th April 2008.
As for the interconnection agreement between the new operator and Telecom Egypt, negotiations are being held with the three mobile operators regarding the new promotions offered by the companies. Accordingly the interconnection agreement between competitors will be postponed to the 8th June 2008. The deadline for submission of the companies’ offers is postponed till the 29th July 2008.
The NTRA held enquiries session on the 8th May 2008 as scheduled to answer all questions posed by the companies that bought the conditions and specifications handbook.
Representatives of 10 companies bought the handbook. The NTRA received 250 questions and enquiries on the main items of the license, on the top of which are topics of spectrum provision, the proposed format of the offers, the interconnection agreement conditions, numbering and marketing plans. All questions were answered by the NTRA experts, where every company has two chances for commenting on the answers given. Complete answers coupled with all comments will be sent to all bidding companies no later than Thursday 15th May 2008.