Towards Digital Conversion

NTRA held a press conference titled 'Towards Digital Conversion' on Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 with the attendance of HE Atef Helmy, Minister of Communications and Information Technology.  


During the Press Conference, NTRA's Executive President, Eng. Hesham El-Alaily, announced that the mobile service had been suspended for more than 3.8 million users  who had not completed their data in the operators' database. In addition, more than 4 million lines were put out of service for their random use of SIM cards; hence the total number of mobile subscribers in Egypt has decreased to 93 million subscribers instead of 101 million early this year.

Eng. Hesham El-Alaily pointed out that the data of 14 million subscribers had been update in the database of the mobile operators in order to eliminate the phenomenon of selling mobile lines with inaccurate data.

Furthermore, NTRA's Executive President declared that TE Data was awarded four areas of the Broadband Pilot Project and that NTRA's  Board of Directors decided to re-launch the fifth area tender among companies in order to obtain the best technical and financial bids.


Moreover, according to Eng. Hesham El-Alaily , NTRA's  BoD had approved the provision of satellite internet services at high speed and affordable prices especially in remote areas.


In addition, Eng. El-Alaily announced that NTRA's BoD and the Cabinet had approved the Unified License System and that the operators consented to the implementation procedures thereof and  a virtual license had been added for the international services in the first phase of the new license system.