Yahoo Makes It Harder for Email Users to Jump Ship
Yahoo in recent days disabled autoforwarding for Yahoo Mail -- and in at least one corporate client's case, it disabled the webmail deletion feature.

The autoforwarding feature "is under development," reads a statement on the Yahoo site. "While we work to improve it, we've temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses."

The suspension won't affect users who previously had enabled autoforwarding, Yahoo said.

"We're working to get auto forward back up and running as soon as possible, because we know how useful it can be to our users," a Yahoo spokesperson said in a statement provided to TechNewsWorld by company rep Anna Braskamp.

"The feature was temporarily disabled as part of previously planned maintenance to improve its functionality between a user's various accounts," the spokesperson explained. Users can expect an update to the autoforward functionality "soon."

There has been speculation that Yahoo turned off the autoforwarding feature to stem the tide of users quitting Yahoo Mail.
"Large mail systems have been doing upgrades on the fly for decades, and it's not very plausible that this upgrade is so complicated that they have to turn the old system off completely," said John R. Levine, author of The Internet for Dummies.

"I find the sinking ship theory quite plausible," he told TechNewsWorld.

Still, "I believe they're working on improving the mail forwarding, since reliable forwarding is surprisingly subtle," Levine said