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DNS-EC & IBM Announce An Innovations Skills Development Training Program
The Domain Name System Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC) and IBM announced that they would cooperate and coordinate efforts to provide training programs that serve the Center and IBM's goals concerning the enhancement of  capacity building in technology and innovation as an essential pivot for achieving development in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. This should take place through the development of skills in various areas such as cyber security, domain names, mobile computing and cloud computing in addition to other state-of-the-art emerging technologies.  

The Second joint training program was held between IBM and DNS-EC in the period from October 30 to November 6, 2016 at the headquarters of IBM in Cairo, as the program was attended by 40 trainees. The program was inaugurated with welcome speech delivered by Eng. Amr Talaat, Country General Manager, IBM Egypt and Eng. Mustafa Abd El-Wahid, NTRA's acting executive president, followed by a speech delivered by Eng. Baher Esmat, the Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for the Middle East at ICANN.

It is worth mentioning that the first joint training program between IBM's and DNS-EC was held in the period from 10 to 21 July, 2016, for students of the Faculty of Computers and Information at Ain Shams University. Similar training programs and sessions will be held in the upcoming period in some governorates such as Assiut and Menoufia, in addition to some Arab and African countries (as UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and others). 

Eng. Mustafa Abd El-Wahed, NTRA's acting executive president, expressed his delight for the ongoing joint collaboration with IBM in the field of training, capacity-building and human cadres. In fact, such courses are held within the framework of the national strategy that aims to the promotion of mutual cooperation and exchange of expertise with Arab and African countries, Eng. Abd El-Wahed said. Moreover, he expressed his confidence in the benefits this cooperation would yield in motivating and developing domain names industry in the region as well as other relevant industries such as applications and content. 

On the other hand, Eng. Amr Talaat pointed out that IBM has always sought to implement its role in the development and advancement of the Egyptian IT sector by launching programs that focus on the development of the skills of university students. Hence the university curricula will be aligned with IT industry needs and trends and human cadres would be developed, equipped with modern skills and future technologies in the field of IT industry that could provide the necessary IT infrastructure for societal prosperity and economic growth in the Middle East and Africa. 

IBM, in partnership with the two esteemed entities, ICANN and NTRA, exert all efforts to enrich the students and curricula scientific scopes and horizons so that experts could introduce the newly-developed fields and Internet protocols to the trainees, presenting their means of their employment as an integral part of ecosystems development in the region. 

On his part, Eng. Baher Esmat, the Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for the Middle East at ICANN, stated that his entity has always sought, through a partnership held with the DNS-EC,  to contribute to the growth of the Internet industry in Africa and the Middle East through qualifying technical personnel skillful enough to manage the processing and operation of the Domain Names systems ranges and capacity-building and introducing cadres ready to provide services at the highest level in this field. He expressed his delight for announcing the partnership between the Center and IBM. Such partnership and collaboration has been a quantum leap for the Centre' training activities not to mention IBM's international expertise in the field of technology in general and Internet in particular, he added. 

It should be noted that the Domain Name System Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC) has been established as an implementation of a memorandum of understanding entered between NTRA and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that aims to raise the awareness of the significance of sustainable industry creation of Domain Names system in Egypt, Africa and Middle East. 

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