Press Releases
Egypt to Host the First Workshop for CyberSecurity Researches Under the Auspices of NTRA

Cairo 21/03/2013

Under the auspices of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), the first Workshop for CyberSecurity Researches will be held in Egypt in the period from 27 to 30 May 2013 at the Smart Village. This Workshop aims to discuss the latest researches and developments taking place in the field of cybersecurity as research papers on various fields related to CyberSecurity will be submitted in it.

Dr. Amr Badawi, the NTRA's Executive President, has pointed out that this workshop comes within the framework of efforts exerted to prepare for and eliminate the perils encountering cyberspace, most importantly hacking and piracy on infrastructure systems and networks in different sectors. This workshop will be a great opportunity for bringing together researchers in the field from all over the world in order to share expertise and the know-how with the aim of finding out the best solutions for the protection of ICT infrastructure, Dr. Badawi has added.

Dr. Sherif Hashim, NTRA's Executive Vice President for CyberSecurity,  has stated that the Workshop on CyberSecurity Researches will be attended by more than 100 participants and stakeholders from Egypt and USA, Turkey and the Arab countries as they have registered for attendance.
 Dr. Sherif has highlighted the fact that the workshop will discuss the latest research trends in the field of cybersecurity with its various branches,  the security of software and operating systems in addition to the security of ICT infrastructure, web applications and social networks.

As previously mentioned, this Workshop aims to discuss means of boosting cooperation between Egypt and the entire world in the field of cybersecurity, and even create communication channels with the Egyptian experts living abroad in this significant field.